RMI services


How can we call the RMI (Remote Methods Invocation) Services by wM.

Is it possible ?


I would recommend against doing this. The interaction should instead use something like XML over HTTP or a SOAP call. While you can undoubtedly make it work via a Java service it is not the typical communication approach for IS-based solutions.

Side trip: The following is not intended to criticize shafi but more of a commentary on the relative irrational tendency of our industry to refer to everything as a service (we used to call everything objects). Remote Method Invocation has nothing to do with services in an SOA sense.* As the name explicitly states–it is the calling of a method of an object hosted remotely.

  • wM IS services aren’t services in an SOA sense either–but the labelling of FLOW and Java components in IS as services precedes the current SOA hype.

[end soap box] :wink:


I agree with you on using soap xml. I knew it can be done in better way by using soap. Let me clear you one thing can it be possible to invoke the remote methods by our wM IS java services . if you have idea on that share please do share us.