RJE Error

I am trying to detemine how to troubleshoot a COMPLETE-RJE error we are receiving:

COMRJE0001-3 Invalid parameter list specified for RJE function.

When running jcl-submitter program, it submits and runs the JCL,using NATURAL programs successfully. When trying to return to original map, instead of displaying a program-induced ‘JCL submitted successfully’, it displays the above error. When hitting enter, it takes us back to COMPASS menu. JCL runs successful.

This all seemed to happen after a CATALL was performed, but not sure if that caused this or not.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Sheryl Anderson

There should be a dump (in UDUMP) when that error occurs, R1 points to the parameter list in question.
Once the job was submitted, I think the error can only be in the 5th parameter: A fullword where Complete returns the job number of the submitted job.