RI trying to connect to a TN which is down

What happens if the TN database is down when the RI Integration Server tries connecting to TN?. How do we handle this kind of situation ?. Do we need to write our custom code in the RI IS layer to handle this?. What options do we have ?. Write those to a queue(MQ?) or something and retrieve it later once the TN comes back ?

Any inputs would be appreciated.


It sounds like you’re talking about when the TN database is down for scheduled maintenance. When we bring ours down, we first run pub.security.reverseInvoke:deleteAllConnections (wrapped by a success-checking service). After the database comes back up we run pub.security.reverseInvoke:registerReverseConnections. For that call the wrapper loops over our inputs (since we have multiple RI servers) and checks the results.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for your inpus. But what about the case of unexpected outage ?