RI request to be serviced by Jetty port

I have a simple helloWorld jsp serviced via Jetty port 8080 using WmJBoss adapter for a POC;

Now I want to access this jsp via the RI proxy port.

Is this possible? If yes, any pros/cons for this approach.

I am sure that Jetty Can be accessed by RI, where I am not sure about the pros and cons.

But for me, when I access the jsp from RI proxy port, all I get is a blank page!!

do I need to do some additional coding/configuration to make it accessible to RI?

Currently, I have helloWorld.jsp running on localhost:8080/hello/helloworld.jsp without any problems.
with my RI server, i try with host as riserv:5001, and all i get is blank page.
8080 is jetty port on internal server.
5001 is proxy port on RI server.

Thanks for your help.

GV/MeetGV/NeoGV and others,

Is it possible to expose JBoss application via reverse invoke?

My understanding on this goes as follows:
if a request is made on RI proxy port, the internal regular IS picks the request on registration port. This works well for normal HTTP requests to be served on IS.

ex. P 5001, R 5002, H 5555
a request to wm.server/ping is made on RIServer:5001; this is picked by internal on R 5002 to be serviced by HTTP port 5555 and the results are returned back.

WHY or HOW to make this work on Jetty port?
Jetty is different kind of HTTP port. If a relation is made between the jetty and registration port, I guess this can work. Then any request on the P 5001 on RIServer is to be picked by internal on R 5002 to be serviced by Jetty HTTP port 8080 !!

But, the big question is, what is that relation? how to make them see each other?

any help is this regards in appreciated.
GV, you said that this is possible! how did you make it work for you?

P-> proxy port 5001
R-> registration port 5002
H-> regular HTTP port 5555
J-> jetty HTTP port 8080

any ideas/suggestions/comments?

  • saurabh.


Reverse Invoke is not HTTP (or HTTPS). Unless something has changed, the only thing supported are service invokes and DSPs.

– Tim

Thanks for the response. I got a confirmation from webMethods, too on that.

This is a known limitation and possibly, in future versions, we may get to access applications running of Jetty port via RI!!

  • Saurabh.