RI / Clusterarchitecture

First I want say hello to all the users and administrators in the forum!

My question is:

1.) our old architecture is one RI in the DMZ and a internal IS with version 6.1. is it true that we can use just one internat IS to the RI?

2.) now we want to start up with a RI-Cluster and internal IS Cluster on Version 6.5. is it possible to connect two internal IS to one RI, when the other RI is in standby?

3.) I’m open to hear other voices and meanings of their own architecture

best regards alex.

  1. No. Multiple IS instances can connect to an RI instance.

  2. Yes, but you don’t need a “standby” RI. Put them both into service with a load balancer in front of them. Configure each internal IS instance to connect to both.

  3. Search the forums for discussions of the pros and cons (mostly cons) for using the built-in IS clustering. You may want to consider an alternative.