reverse invoke


Is it possible to have 2 Internal Servers connected to a single Reverse Invoke Server. In other words, upon receiving a request from external client, can the Reverse Invoke server route the request to any of the 2 connected Internal servers (which one is available) ?

Also package is depreciated in WM 65. Any alternative?

~ fass

  1. Yes.

Thanks reamon. Let me try and give you a feedback.

Connecting 2 internal servers to RI instance(s) gives you fail-over capabilities and can share the load between 2 internal IS instances. And, to top it off, you can configure an external load balancer in front of 2 or more RI instances, to get load-balanced and fail-over environment for external partners!!

what are you looking for? can’t you use instead?

Review page 175 in the Administrator’s guide (for version 6.5). It describes how things can be set up.

Be aware of the “pseudo-cluster” notion that is described:

I’ve never known anyone to use Context or TContext, especially by external partners. Asking partners to code to the IS API is not a good idea (mostly because they probably won’t agree to do it). As Saurabh points out, use an external load balancer to cluster the RI servers.