Reverse Invoke with API Gateway in DMZ

Hi All,

I have one API Gateway on the DMZ and two IS servers on the internal network. I am trying to configure reverse invoke to achieve load balancing on both the IS servers.
I created two registration ports 3333 and 2222 for an external port 4444 on API Gateway. But the requests are always received from only one IS server. Is there anything else I need to configure to achieve load balancing? Is this sort of setup even supported?
Any pointers will be helpful.


On gateway, you’d have 1 “Enterprise Gateway Registration” port and both internal IS instances would register to that via their “Internal Registration” ports. You don’t need 2 registration ports on the gateway. We have this setup (not an API gateway, the Enterprise Gateway but they are effectively the same thing) with 2 gateway instances and 2 internal instances and both internals register to both gateways. Works well.

Thanks Rob.

We set it up the same way. But we see intermittent connectivity issues. We have to manually disable the internal port and enable it. Have you experienced the same issue? Do you have any extended settings set up?

Hello Sridhar,
Check the values of both of these parameters in DMZ and Greenzone. You can get these values from Settings > Extended in IS admin console.

By default

Change it to

This settings makes sures that connections are expected to be refreshed in 45 secs

Once configured need to restart all the servers.

Let us know if it solves the issue.