Reverse Invoke setting for multiple Internal Servers

Hi all

I am trying to setup 2 Internal servers on 1 Reverse Invoke server. Is this possible?

The plan is that only 1 server would act as the RI server and the 2 internal servers can be used as Test and Production.

I created 2 proxy ports and 2 registration ports on RI. And on both the internal servers I have SOCK connections to one registration port each.

But the problem I am facing is that how can we tie up 1 proxy port to 1 registration port on the RI. ie when a request comes in Proxy port A, then forward the request to Internal Server A and same for B.


RI server :
Proxy port 1111, 3333
Registration port 2222, 4444

Production Internal server :
Listening to port 2222 on RI server

Test Internal server :
Listening to port 4444 on RI server

When a request comes from a partner, both the Internal servers are getting confused because the proxy port is sending the request to both the registration ports (I guess).

How do I go about resolving this. I tried using different service names (so that the URLs will be different) and also having both the registration ports registered on both the internal ports ie 2222 and 4444 connections on both the Internal servers. This is also not working.

Any help is appreciated.


Hi Mehul

I also have set 1 RI and 2 internal IS. However, on RI I set only one proxy port and one registration port and on each IS, I created connection to the same registration port on RI.

Thus, for each request the RI will take a free conection and will send it for only one of the IS not both.

For instance:
proxy: 1111
Regsitration: 2222 (10 connections)

IS 1:
Listening on port 2222 (5 connections)

IS 2:
Listening on port 2222 (5connections)

I hope this helps.