Reverse Invoke Server Setup issues

We are having problems with our setup of the reverse invoke server. The setup involves using SOCK connection protocol between the RIS and Internal server. We can see http request of connection being made from the client to the external proxy port 5557 on the RIS. But we have no evidence of the request occurring on the internal integration server. We have a registration port setup on the reverse invoke server of 5556 which the internal server appears to successfully connect to. We have opened up the access of IP addresses and ACL to Allow by default for both the ports on the RIS. We have done the same for the Internal Server Access mode. We are also just requesting certificates. When the client sends a http request they get the error unable to connect to peer.

I would like to rule out that the problem is not on the webMethods RIS translation of ports from proxy port 5557 to 5556. We currently have the logs set on 10 with logging occurring for all facilities. We have not noticed anything on the logs indicating that the reverse invoke server has successfully translated the ports. Are there any other methods of monitoring the ports to ensure that the translation of ports is successful?

What version of wm are you using. There were some issues with older versions and RI connections getting dropped. Also, are you using any load balancer in front of your RI to ping/check status of your RI server?

One last thing, you mention “http” not “https” for your connection/url, but you have the authentication setup as request certificates. For plain http no client certificate is requested by the server.