Reverse Invoke Scenario and different SSL versions

Hi folks,

We are considering setting up a reverse invoke scenario with an existing SAP BC 4.6 40 bit SSL server. As the company strategy denotes the usage of 128 bit SSL certificates we are installing the 128 bit version of the software for the reverse invoke server.

This leads to a number of questions …

  1. Is it actually possible to set up a reverse invoke scenario with 2 differnent SSL version software ?

  2. The client certificates of external partners need to be imported on the internal server - will we be able to import 128bit certificates on a 40bit version and use them appropriately ?

  3. As far as we understood from the documentation it seems to be possible to define an HTTPS proxy port and use a normal SOCK connection between the reverse and internal one … Does this still work for client certificates ? (are these copied also when you have a normal SOCK instead of SSLSOCK )

Thanks for your time,