Reverse Invoke RI Proxy with nonwebMethods RI server


Can people share their experiences of using a 3rd party Proxy server acting as a reverse invoke for Inbound HTTP & HTTPS data traffic? Are there any open source RI Proxy Servers that are compatible to webMethods Integration Server?


I am not 100% sure about this, but to think of using 3rd party Proxy server acting as RI instance should not be possible.

One reason I can give is that the traffic/protocol between internal and RI instance is webMethods propriety. Unless webMethods has specifically given license to other vendors, I guess it would not work.

I suggest that you get the right/accurate answer on this from webMethods itself (place a call to webM support).


You can only use 3rd party proxy servers running in reverse proxy mode. RI is not supported by any server other than Integration Server.

You can use another tool as a proxy, but not as a reverse invoke proxy. SOCK (the protocol used by the reverse invoke setup) is a webMethods specific protocol.
I’ve setup apache to act as a web-facing front, but that’s just acting as a proxy, so it still needs a hole in the firewall from the apache box to the IS’s listening port. Still that might be desirable for a number of reasons, but really it’s just a pass through. To do this just setup mod_proxy to redirect.