Reverse Invoke Registering SSLSOCK connections

Using SAP BC 4.6 for both internal & proxy servers. My attempt to register reverse invoke SSLSOCK connections from Internal Server always fails.I checked for server certificates for both servers and it’s assignment to a SSLSOCK Registration Port .But nothing helps.
Am i missing any steps here.Checked for Remote server settings( user,pasword,port,but not sure what certificate to be assigned here)
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Can you let us know what error messages you see?


When i try to register port in Admin screen,the error is just"unable to register ports for this Alias ‘xxxxxx’.in the external server log it says EXception in SocketLink receive : null


Got it fixed.Removed all certificate assignments to the ports and assigned just to the server for both RI & Internal server.It just worked…