Reverse Invoke - additional proxy port?

Hi - it’s been a while since I set up an RI server so I reread the IS docs and still have a question. We have an existing RI server with a proxy port 5566, and registration port 6666. The proxy port is HTTP. I would like partners to also be able to send us files over HTTPS (and even ftp). Do I need to set up an https port on both internal and external servers, and do I need to set the https port on RI as a proxy (if so how)? Some ports are showing as regular (ftp 8021, http for admin).

Also I understand that I need to install the cert on the RI server to do HTTPS.

Thanks in advance!

Never mind I figured it out. You just have to create a proxy port on the RI server using Reverse Invoke Settings (not the usual port creation) so that you can set it to be a proxy port. You don’t need a matching port on the internal server for this as it’s handled by the registration port.

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