Reverse Gateway - How to troubleshoot

We have a couple different RI servers up and running with no problems. We are adding a new one and are stumped on how to troubleshoot it in 8.2 sp2 environment.

On the external server the Gateway External port is set up on 7080 and Gateway Reqistration port is set up as 7500.

On the internal server the Registration Internal port is on 7500.

To eliminate the network porting issues we set up http ports on 7500 and 7080 and it is working fine. We can log into the each of the IS’s from the physical servers.

I have enabled trace logging level for Reverse Invoke and most HTTP. We do see the traffic on the Reverse Gatewat but it looks like it just comes in and we dont see it forwarded to the Internal server for processing.

Any ideas ?

Hi William,

Would you share any exceptions coming in logs.

Apart from that, would you have a look regarding Access mode of your internal server port.

Amit Gahlot

You might have encountered proxy errors for this type of behavior. Kindly share if you see any in logs.