Reusing APAMA interface component

Product/components used and version/fix level:

  • Frontend 1018.0.205
  • Backend 1018.0.320

The question:

I am currently developing a custom Cumulocity UI plugin and need a Device / Group Picker for one of my forms. A complete DataGrid is a bit much for the intended use, but I noticed that the interface in use when creating (for example) Apama input blocks is pretty much exactly what i would need:

Since i couldn’t really figure this out from the WebSDK documentation, i wanted to ask if this is available as interface component or if it’s something custom developed for this dialog? Is it possible to reuse it in my custom interface?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Daniel,

the picker used in a Apama is a component specific to the Apama application and is not part of the Web SDK.
You could e.g. use the Asset selector component which is part of the Web SDK.


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