returning SOAP FAULT

I have a native web-service that returns a SOAP FAULT (this is being prepared in the service) in case of a failure. Specifics related to the error occured were being added to the segment of Body/Fault of the SOAP FAULT message.
Now if I use the same web-service with a combination of Centrasite and Mediator, it works fine for success case. But for failure case, the information present at segment of the native service is being added to the segment of the SOAP FAULT being returned from mediator.
So If I wish to get the segment as well, do I need to do develop some custom code for the same or can this be achieved using some configuration setting?

Hi, I am interested on the response, because I would like to get the details of the SOAP_Fault and in particular the detail failure response with the error code and the error message whitch is send by the provider.

Thank you very much for any help,