Return to a step in a process instance

When a process step fails I need to launch a task and from the task change the business data and return to the process instance, to a particular step, as I can do?


Hi Marta,

Which version of webMethods are you using?

If its 8.2+, then you can use the Event Handling features of BPM like Intermediate BOundary Error and implement a custom logic (like task in this case) and feed back he output to the step you want.

If you want to choose the step dynamically, then I suppose you can use a task for the global error handler with the input as ‘pub.event:exceptionInfo’ From this info, you will have to extract the pipeline details including the failed step and change the data and resubmit the prcess at the failed step using the service ‘pub.monitor.process.instanceControl:resubmitInstanceStep’

Hope this helps. This is just a pointer as I have not tried these out but think that these should work.

THanks and Regards,
Ninad Patil