Return only value flow variable from a service.

Hi All…

First post here (hopefully a beginning for many more).

I am looking for data Integration across multiple Integration Servers.
The data is generated on each Integration Server through flow services on each of them.
A Java application on a common server needs to receive this data from each Integration Server. So I am calling the Flow Service from Java app by sending get request to each of the Flow Services.

Now, my problem is that each flow service returns HTML Formatted data (in the form of bordered tables around each output flow variable and its value).
Whereas I want it to simply return the value of a particular flow variable in simple text format. (See attached screenshots for more clarification).

Please suggest how can I get only value from Flow Service…

It seems that you are calling flow service via some HTTP call which returns you Default Output Template result associated to it. If you can’t change your invocation method(HTTP), then change your output template and return whatever you want at receiver end.

Yes, I tried that earlier and using %varname%
but did not work…
Then found out that it must be written as %value varname%

Thats right.