Retry Mechanism at Account's connector

Hi experts/ @Bharath_Meka1/ @srikanth.prathipati1803

There is an option to define a Retry Mechanism at connector’s Account level. The Connector’s Account contains the below configuration parameters
“Retry Count on Failure” value as 1 or more than 1
“Retry on Response Failure” value as True.
But I did not find the Option “Waiting period for each Retry” Parameter in the Account.

I tested the Connector’s Account by passing the wrong endpoint URL
but Retry mechanism was not enabled even though the parameter value
defined as “Retry on Response Failure” value to True

What was the reason and its failed to enable to Retry mechanism ?
Please share your Inputs.

Thanks &regards,

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Hello @sagdeveloperjk ,

Sounds like an issue to me , please go ahead and raise a support incident.