retrieving multiple cookies returned in an http response

I am trying to post to a URL that responds with multiple cookies in the “Set-Cookie” field of the header response. The external API is sending a “JSESSIONID” in the Set-Cookie field which I need to retrieve in order to call any other API’s from this external site.

In webMehods 6.5 I have created a flow service that uses the pub.client:http function and I am able to see the “Set-Cookie” field in the header/lines http response field, but I am unable to see a value of JSESSIONID in the Set-Cookie field.

We were able to set up a simple java service outside of webMethods and post to this URL and we receive what looks like three cookies in the Set-Cookie response field. And in one of those three cookies we receive the JSESSIONID.

It is our guess that webMethods is not handling the return of multiple cookies correctly. We have moved on to write a custom java script inside webMethods and we have succeeded in posting to this URL using a wM java service and we are able to retrieve the entire data set of the Set-Cookie values (including the JSESSIONID that we are looking for). However this feels like a bit of a work around so I wanted to ask if anyone else has encountered this situation and may have some advise?