Retrieving document again from Broker

I am using one simple publish subscribe sample. I am publishing document to broker and using one subscription service. Everything is working fine but if there is any error in subscription service i want that document to go back to broker queue so that it can be subscribed again…
Is it possible to rollback the document back to broker queue?

Does broker store the document somewhere for future reference so that if we want to get the document again for some resubmission scenarios we can get it by passing some unique identifier for that document?


hi AJAY,
plz let me know the answer for ur same query , i too got the same doubt as u.hope for the resolution soon.


I don’t think its possible to rollback the service to get the document to get stored in the queue again.The document has to published again.

You can re-submit the failed service using your Monitor.


Even i found same thing in publish subscribe guide. I found one article on advantage regarding trigger retry mechanism.It says that for a failure subscription we can use pub.flow:throwExceptionForRetry service to throw an exception which will result in triggering the subscriber again with the same published document as input.
I have tested this thing it works fine for the number of retry attempts given for the trigger but after that message will be discarded and we can not retrieve it again.
I want to know some mechanism to retrieve these message which has been discarded.


You are on the right track. The pub.flow:throwExceptionForRetry service will get the auto resubmit you are looking for. There are some gotchas when using it within the normal try/catch but it can work. The webMethods Monitor is the other piece you need. By turning on auditing for an individual service, you will have the ability to resubmit the service later via the WmMonitor. You can do this at the service level or the document level. There are some performance implications with using the auditing so be sure to load test if you have a high volume environment.