Retreiving Data from published document

hi professionals,
I need to extract data from the published document which is created by the adapter notification and write it to a file
can u guys help in extracting the data from the Published document

as far as I understand you need to create IS trigger subscribing to this published document and invoking the processing service which will write to file.This trigger will pass he document as input to service you will invoke and then you can do anything you want with it.I am assuming you are using 6+ version.


thanks shyam,
i got ur idea but, i dont no how to subscribe to that particular document in the broker.
can u pls help me out.

Hi all,

I’d like to know if there’s a way to have a look to the documents that have been published to the broker.

I’ve defined a process model with the Modeler in which the first step waits for the incoming of a certain type of document, but that never happens, and I’m quite sure that the document has been published. The only solution that comes to me is to make a trigger service by hand and see if all works fine.

Any suggestion?

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Documents can be verified (if published) by looking at document info in broker Admin (an IS package, in case you are not there yet). To view the content of document you can do 2 things. First and easy is to write a trigger to invoke a service which save the pipeline (and hence document) to file. Second is to enable broker document logging in database. The details are available in the Broker Administrator guide.