Retreiving data from pipeline (Triggers)


i am using a trigger with an Adapter Notification which starts a Flow. The Flow is configured to use as input the Adapter Notification Document Type. When i work with the flow designer, in the pipeline tab, i can see/use the fields of my document type. BUT when i run my flow and dump the pipline to the console, the flow can never successfully access the content any document type field. It seems like the fields are located “one” level deeper. So two questions:

  1. why the pipeline viewer tab shows me the fields of my document type whereas at run time they seems to be one level deeper?
  2. What can i do to access them explicitly?

Many thanks for your ideas and/or help…



Try checking that the name of the input variable on your flow service is set to the fully qualified document type name of the doc it is going to recieve. One place to get the name is in the trigger’s ‘Document types and filters’ section.

For example - If I have a trigger set to fire on a ‘Cannonicals.Docs:eoInvoice’ document, the flow service it invokes should have its input variable named ‘Cannonicals.Docs:eoInvoice’. If I called it something like ‘myInvoice’, it wouldn’t work.