Result sets (wmDB vs JDBC)

Hi All,
I have a question regarding the JDBC adapter service for SP calls.we execute a sp in a sql db.The Sp has a few input params and returns RESULT SETS to the calling app.when we were using wmdb services we receive the result sets without any issues.(even if we dont specify the structure of the res set)

Now we have tried to replace the wmDB services with JDBC adapter services.I understand that in the JDBC service we have to explicitly define the structure(each and every column and its data type) of result set.As the number of columns in the res set is huge(100 appx),I wouldnt want to mention each one of them as it would be a tedious job.

  Is there any easy and better way to define a result set in the JDBC sp call service?


Are you using StoredProcedureWithSignature adapter service? If so, it should pick up the structure (if I understand your query correctly)

Hi willem,
Thanks for responding.I am using normal sp adapter services not the SP service with signature .I have applied fix which will allow me to create adapter service sp with signature.It is automatically pulling input as well as output params but still when it comes to RESULT SETS,I will have to define them explicitly.I had to define each column and datatype for RESULT SETS.

wish there was some automatic pull for result sets even:)