REST two points and dollars in Rest Descriptor / Swagger

I don’t have API Portal License. So I Use SwaggerHub to expose my REST description.
Thanks to swagger Tab in API Rest descriptor I can copy and past my rest definition in SwaggerHub but it remains some mistakes I want to delete.
First of all is to have application/x-www-form-urlencoded in consumes paragraph.
I find it in designer properties in eclipse to add a MIME Type.
The second one, I don’t know how to fix it even I think it is possible :
The references to response and IData structure in response doesn’t work because it is not RFC3986-compliant.
I’m not a expert of this standard so it make me time to find the issue.
Obviously it is because there are $ and : characters in definition ($ for $response and : in absolute path in IS :: for instance).
So I think it is possible to use alias which we can find in swagger definition but I can not find it.
Have u an idea ?

For the first issue,whatever you said is correct.we can change the MIME Type under Rest API Descripter from the Designer.

For Second issue,in case of Legacy Rest(RestV1),will get this problem.To resove this Problem,replace : and $ with some other Character (or) remove : and $ from schema $ref Property and definitions in Swagger.
Please find the below example.



$ref: “#/definitions/JsonSchemaAPI.RestV1.Res.restV1Res:post$response”



$ref: “#/definitions/JsonSchemaAPI.RestV1.Res.restV1Res._post_response”


Yes I know this but I hope it was possible to create, I don’t know, some alias just to copy and past the swagger from RAD without modification.