Resource Monitoring on webServices

Hi all,

I need a clarification on webservices.

am invoking a webservice from one of my interface. but in some case my webservice system may return error response codes related to connection issues.

so my requirement is my webservice need not to be invoked untill the webservice system restore its connection.

we have faced similar requirements in MQ Adapters there we used resource monitoring like wise could anyone help us on monitoring webservice.

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webservice Monitoring:

Write a java/flow service which checks the response code of webservice 2XX, 3XX, 4XX, 5XX and based on it put a logic to retry.

MQ Adapters:

Tweak, Connection Management Properties of MQ Adapter.

Before start a transaction for MQ, check the connection availability using ART service, & Implement a logic based on service result. [This can be in addition to transient error].



You can write another flow service to check the end-point status and return the flag when available as true for the resourcemonitoring service