Reset Search Parameters

Is there a way to reset the search parameters in a custom inbox from another page? For example, lets say I search for term1. Then I select a task from the list. After I complete the task I return to the task inbox and the search term “term1” is still there.
What I want is to reset these parameters from the task page in order to return to the custom inbox and have it displaying all the tasks.

You can create a return URL that can be used to reset the state of the Inbox Search Portlet. The inbox portlet can create the URL with the code:

IPortletURL currentUrl = createRenderUrl();
return currentUrl.toString(); 

That URL can be passed as a param (via wiring or otherwise) to the task details page. Then when the user clicks return you can redirect via the URL created by the inbox portlet.

You can also use the PortletURL and Extended Portlet URL controls to generate this on the fly.