Requirement of message flash after task completion

We have a requirement wherein we need to display a specified completion message once user clicks on submit button to complete the task.In our case once user clicks on submit button he is directed to inbox and task gets completed but requirement is to flash a completion message.
Another issue is if access task using link of type as mentioned below user is directed to inbox on completion but if use TASK URL nothing happens on screen on clicking submit but task gets completed as specified in action.



This is pretty much what a generated Task Start portlet does. When you click the submit button, there is a generated onclick javascript:


So i would recommend generating a scratch Task Project with a Task Start portlet and having a look at the technique to see if you can adapt it to fit your use case.


Hi Mark,

As mentioned by you i have added the javascript and it is working fine. But my problem is, this flash pops on the screen and within a second it goes off.
I have added a button “okay” and want that, till the time i do not click on the “okay” button the flash should remain on the screen. I have tried adding different actions and clent side events but nothing works.


This is because the async command button is invoking the actual command, and then afterwards redirecting to another page. It sounds like instead you should have the ok button of the popup dialog do that.