Requirement of display of task inbox page after task submit

We are facing an issue wherein after user submits the task using submit button on task page task gets completed but display does not move to inbox.
We are using a async command button as a submit button which works fine and asynchronously completes the task but user display remains same and it confusing for the user.
This happens when we use below mentioned task URL

But there is no issue when we use below mentioned URL

Can someone explain how second URL is formed and provide documentation on wmp_t.Also how can we change it to display inbox portlet after task completion using first URL.


In the completeTask() code, you’ll see some code that reads like this:

// then redirect to finish url
String url = getDateRangeSampleTaskView().getFinishUrl(); 
if (url != null && url.length() > 0) {

So what’s happening is that your TaskDetails Portlet doesn’t have a finishURL set on it’s properties so the redirect back to the inbox isn’t occurring. By default, when you select a task from the inbox portlet, that long URL is created which sets a ‘finishURL’ on the task details portlet.

You could modify that logic to just return to the alias of the inbox or any other URL that you desire. However, you might notice that in the finishURL there is an action specified to refresh the inbox. If the inbox isn’t refreshed, the user might see the same task they just completed.

These complex URLs are created using PortletURL and ExtendedPortletURL controls.