Request/Reply Transaction Modeling in webMethods Enterprise

Does anyone have any insight into the best manner of modeling a request/reply transaction within webMethods Enterprise?

Specifically any insight into how the Deliver options works from a routing perspective as opposed to Publish would be very helpful.


The deliver mechanism requires you to know the Client’s ID to which you want the request delivered. Delivery is faster, because the Broker does not have to check its Pub/Sub list to find client’s subscribing to the particular event being published. Instead, it has the client ID and can directly insert this event in its queue.

Currently it seems that the Initial request document has to be published (when developing in EI 4.5) as there is no option to deliver the request to a specific client.

You have discovered one of the weaknesses with the Enterprise Integrator tool. It doesn’t have support for delivery to another client other than a reply to the client that triggered the component. It is still possible to do a delivery using a custom code step. You would get access to the Adapter’s Broker Client using the AdapterScriptAccess object. The AdapterScriptAccess has no API for delivery so you have to get the actual BrokerClient and then use the deliver API