Request processing and Response processing using an IS service

Hi Guys,

I’m trying to use an IS service to modify the request data from “Request Processing” step in the definition of a Virtual Service in Centrasite/Mediator. In the documentation It sais that the Mediator will inject a MessageContext obect in the pipeline in the IS service define in the “Request Processing” step.

The MessageContext is there but I can’t find the way to change the data from the calling consumer.

I’ve tried this so far:
1: call pub.soap.handler:getSOAPMessage function that returns a SOAPMEssage
2: Send the SOAPMessage Object into xmlNodeToDocument (failed)

I’ve tried other calls with no avail.

Anyone did it ?


this my step to modify Request Message

  • INVOKE pub.soap.handler:getBodyBlock -> get current message
  • INVOKE pub.soap.handler:removeBodyBlock -> remove message
  • Map --> change message you got from getBodyBlock
  • INVOKE pub.soap.handler:addBodyBlock -> add message that modified