Request a service which can unlock all objects in a specific package or multi packages

Though this unlock object operation could be done manually, I expect a service could handle it automatically.

  1. Check wm.server.ns:** in WmRoot (use at your own risk)

  2. Write custom java service

Well, thx U Mahesh. May I know which SoftwareAG official document should I refer to for services useage within package WmRoot?

Unfortunately there is no official documentation available for WmRoot package as it is private and internal to SAG. However you can explore the services and run them at your own risk.

If your project prohibits the use of WmRoot services you have to write your own custom Java services. Refer Java API reference for required classes and methods if there one available.

And it is better if a sample provided. Thanks for your consideration.

The best docs and samples are the appropriate DSP pages (the one that shows the locks in your case). There you can find which services should be used.