Repository Based Deployment | Image not available for external usage

Hello All,

We have a problem statement where we are using the BPM and using repository based deployment using TFS though ABE.

All this was fine good till we had a need to expose the image files of process instances stored on product DB to external html .

The problem we have is the ABE doesnt store the images on the product DB and we cannot using the wmmonitor services to fetch the images of running process instance using the wmmonitor package now . We now have to do manual build and deploy for lots of BPM but its causing lots of time wasting.

We found a no documented service buildAndUploadProcessFile in wmdesigner

wm.designer.ProcessGenerator:GenProcess but need some help if we try to run this but get the below error

Could not run ‘generateProcess’
java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException: com/webmethods/process/generatortool/ProcessGenerationManager