Replacing Content Parts in a TN Bizdoc

Does anybody know how to modify the content of a content part in a bizdoc that has been already persisted ?

What I want to do is to extract one content part from the bizdoc, make changes to it and store it back. But there doesnt seem to be any obvious way to replace a content part through a service. The only service I see is the addContentPart.

Did somebody found a solution for this one. I have written a Java service that update the bizdoc content part, but it seems that the persist does’nt work. Any other way to update/change a content part?


I have been back and forth with webmethods on this too. There doesnt seem to be a solution to this. I also wrote a java service to do it but only replaces the contentpart in memory and not in the database.

From what I recall, once data has been written to the TN database, its basically read-only, except for changing a few bizdoc attributes. The only major you can do is to delete the bizdoc completely. I think this is because of the performance hit of persisting XML. This approach also fits in with TN’s peculiar niche - initiating processing carried out by the IS document translation engine beneath it, and logging the document transformation stages.

What we do here is to just add new content parts. Since the content part name must be unique, we just have the timestamp (down to the millisecond) as part of the content part name - this works pretty well.

Thanks for quick response!

I did the same thing as suggested by Sonam. Added new content part. However, when I go to Trading Networks and look up that document, in the Content tab, why don’t I see the latest content part that I added. I am not sure if I am missing anything. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.