Repeatedly testing remote queue with adapter will crash the MQ Server

Websphere MQ Adapter 3.0 will only connect sucessfully to local MQ queues.
This is probably the expected behavior as the adapter does require users to
have the MQ Client software installed on the same system.

The queue settings for the adapter will let one test connections to any type
of MQ queue, however, including transient and remote. If one repeatedly
tries to test a remote queue it will actually cause theWebSphere MQ Server
to crash. Uncertain if this is a defect in the Websphere MQ Server (IBM
issue) or in the wM Websphere MQ Adapter.

This was reproducable on both a Windows 2000 client and a Windows XP client,
both with JRE 1.2.2 and Websphere MQ Adapter 3.0

Any ideas why the MqAdapter will crash on remote queues?



We are experiencing a similar problem in v 4.6 with the MQ Series adapter. What version of MQ are you running? We are currently on v5.2 with Support Pac MA88 for java support…

Are you using listener service or get service?


WM support has provided some fixs for this adapter (Websphere MQ Adapter 3.0).
In the advantage website, you can find the ServicePack1, ServicePack2, and, the last one, ServicePack3.
there is also a Service pack for the IntegrationServer, that is usefull for this adapter.

hope it helps