Remove default widgets


Is there a way to remove the out of the box widgets from widget selection?

Here i want to just keep the custom widgets and remove all cumulocity widgets. Any pointer on how this can be achieved would be helpful.

Any one aware of this?

You can remove widgets by removing their corresponding entry/module in the ng1.ts and/or app.module.ts files.

As an alternative you could try to override the getWidgetDefinitions method of the WidgetService.


I couldn’t do it by removing entries from ng.ts file as not all entries of widgets are there.
But I was able to solve by overriding the WidgetService. This is how I did it.

--- custom-widget.service.ts ---

import { Inject, Injectable } from '@angular/core';
import { DynamicComponentDefinition, DynamicComponentService } from '@c8y/ngx-components';
import { CONTEXT_DASHBOARD_CONFIG, ContextDashboardConfig, WidgetService } from '@c8y/ngx-components/context-dashboard';
import { TranslateService } from '@ngx-translate/core';

export class CustomWidgetService extends WidgetService {
  widgetsToBeShown = [
// Add widget id that needs to be shown

  constructor(dynamicComponentService: DynamicComponentService, translateService: TranslateService,
    @Inject(CONTEXT_DASHBOARD_CONFIG) moduleConfig: ContextDashboardConfig) {
    super(dynamicComponentService, translateService, moduleConfig);

  getWidgetDefinitions() {
    this.widgets = this.widgets.filter((widget: DynamicComponentDefinition) => this.widgetsToBeShown.includes(
    return this.widgets

--- app.module.ts ---

providers: [
    { provide: WidgetService, useClass: CustomWidgetService }

Thanks for the hint @Tristan_Bastian