Remote Servers In Clustered Environment

Hello All ,
in a clustered Environment ,
when i do a remote invoke from Server A to Server B and if due to any unlikely reasons if Server B is Down , would the remote call fail ???

Yes, it will fail.

You may want to review the functionality provided by IS clustering. It is fairly narrow.

Thanks !!

and in a different Scenario (like Round Robin) where in a Load Balancer is used to check wether if a server is up , if not route the messages to failover server,

i guess even then a remote call fails as we are explicitly mentioning the server and port to invoke . is my understanding Right ???

I haven’t tried using a virtual hostname/IP for remote server definition. That might work. But then that begs the question—why are you using a remote invoke? Both servers are identically configured and have the same packages, correct? Can you elaborate on your set up?

in my Case i m trying to create a Remote Server Alias for Server B on Server A , USing remote Invoke to call any servies on Server A ( both A and B are diffrent ).
so planning on how to handle error cases if Server B goes down would this remote call kick in to the Fail over System ?

Can you describe the fail over that is set up for Server B?

we have a external Load balancer which pings at certain interval to check the availability of server B , if down it routes all data to Clone of B* (fail over system )

If your remote server configuration within IS Administrator uses the virtual hostname/IP of Server B then it should indeed direct traffic to the fail over system if the primary is down. As I mentioned, I hadn’t tried doing that before but it may work.

Things to consider:

  • There may be cookies exchanged to maintain the remote IS session. On failover this cookie/session will become invalid so a remote invoke call may fail if the remote connection handling doesn’t retry.

  • Should the failover server really be active and process traffic? In other words, make it an active member of the LB cluster and have do work rather than just sitting idle.

failover server does process traffic

i tried this scenario with server B down and virtual ip … it works, call is routed to to server b *
i still have to to test more to check about the cookies of IS session !!!