Remote connection to Business Integrator (BI)

Hi all,

I have an instance of the Business Integrator repository running on a remote server. I am using the default installed DB. I was wondering if there is a way to coonect to it remotely. and if so how?


Check out the repository.cnf file in your BusinessIntegrator4\config directory

You should be able to connect to a remote repository by specifying the correct hostname and port on the Repository Login window when starting BI. Assuming you are referring to BI 4.6, the hostname you enter must exactly match the name stored in <webMethods46_home>\BusinessIntegrator4\config\repository3.cnf file. The default BI respository stores the model in a flat file and not a db. Users can select to use a db-backed repo. Instructions are listed in the platform installation guide.


Daisy Jiang
Prod Mgr