Remote Connect to your devices

Cloud Remote Access Cumulocity IoT

Do you know that Cumulocity IoT has a feature which allows you to connect via SSH, Telnet, VNC or any other TCP based protocol to your device? The best thing: You don’t need to open any port on your device as everything is tunneled via HTTPS/WebSocket by the Cloud Remote Access Service!

Web Access

If you want an easy integrated access to your devices you can establish a tunnel with just one click directly in the browser to either open a SSH, Telnet or VNC connection to your device. No need of any clients installed on your computer!

Passthrough / Native Client Support

Beginning with Cumulocity IoT 10.9+ you are also able to connect to the devices by using any native client like Putty, WinSCP, OpenSSH, VNCViewer etc. The only thing you need is the local proxy we provide so the client connects locally to that proxy which tunnels the traffic via WebSocket. We call it the “Passthrough” connection which can be configured in the Cloud Remote Access Web UI.

Try it out!

You can find the source of an example agent implementing the Remote Access Feature on Github.

For testing out the passthrough functionality use the Local proxy also provided as Open Source on GitHub or install it directly on your computer using Python3 and pip

pip install c8ylp

Let me know if you need any support!