Reliable delivery during system outage.

Hi - we’re using WM broker to replace older middleware connecting two systems.

This is the rough architecture:

Hi - To achieve reliable delivery during outage, I ended up making the following settings changes for the trigger:
Retry failure behaviour: ‘Suspend and retry later’
Resource monitoring service: <db ‘ping’="" query="" service="">

When I tested this by disabling the DB connection, and ran a testcase that generated a document, an entry for ‘Trigger Resource Monitor’ automatically appears under this IS screen:
Server > Scheduler > View system tasks

The ‘Server > Service Usage’ screen also showed the <db ‘ping’="" query="" service=""> being automatically run. After re-enabling the DB connection, I verified that a document that had not reaching it earlier, was now properly inserted.

How about a “Join” from (sub) event and (ping) event of DB?

Unless, both work out the model doesn’t process further?

(Just another alternate)

Thanks for the alternate idea. Interesting.

… hmmm, isn’t the problem here though that the join will ‘consume’ the ping event, so that there will need to be one ping event per sub event?