Release schedule???

We have several problems with new browsers and CentraSite. In an earlier post someone said that there will be soon a new release, but this post is almost a year ago.

My question is the following:

  • Is there a new release planned for the Community Edition?
  • Is there any priority for updating the Community Edition?
  • Is the payed version more stable and gets faster fixes?

Hello Bastian,

we will be updating the community site with version 9.0.1 the next 2 weeks.
Version 9 supports all recent browser versions including Chrome and Safari.
The commercial version gets regular fixes, the community edition is updated for major releases only.


the web site update has been triggered and should happen soon. In the meantime find a Community Edition version on the ftp server:


Will there also be a Windows 32bits version? Because what is on the ftp, is only linux and windows 64 bits.