Relay Widget on

I recently created a show case for playing with the Relay actions.

My device was registered on Cloud der Dinge of Deutsche Telekom before, but I want to move it to the test tenant (

As the device will set a relay state I used the relay widget in the Cockpit app and tied it to the device.
Expected behaviour:

  • When I click the switch in the dashboard it is closed and the power of the peripheral is on
  • When I click the switch again, the relay is opened and the power of the peripheral is off

Actual result:
I can switch power on (close the relay), but opening the relay is not working - it creates the same operation like closing.
So I can not switch power off again.

I checked the operations per REST API and saw that it seems to create the exactly same operation like closing the relay.


OK - you can close this topic - the device was not correcting the relay state on MO correctly…