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Edge runtimes form part of the integration execution layer, allowing you to develop and deploy anywhere. In this tutorial, learn how Integration makes it easy for you to quickly register and connect with your edge runtimes.

This is the third part of a series of Integration tutorials exploring the platform’s Super iPaaS Develop anywhere, deploy anywhere capabilities. If you missed the previous part, you can find it here: Monitor your integration runtimes remotely with Integration.

Prefer watching a video? See our Developer Evangelist Theo Ezell walk through the steps in this video tutorial:
:film_projector: Register a New Integration Runtime | Demo


Note: These capabilities are not available by default. Contact your sales representative for more information.


Log in to your Integration environment and navigate to the Integration Runtimes tab. To create a new runtime, click the Plus sign:

In the Register Edge Runtime wizard select the Create new Edge Runtime option and click Next.

This will display the Docker command needed for logging into the Software AG container registry.

If you do not have your username and token, click the Container registry link first, log in and generate your credentials from the profile settings page.

Generate Container registry credentials

Once you have your credentials, open a terminal, for example PowerShell and run the Docker login command by replacing the user name and the user token.

The next step is to get the Edge Runtime image – copy the second Docker command and run it in the terminal.

Please note that it is not necessary to download the Docker image every time but it’s best to make sure you are working with the latest release.

Once the Edge Runtime images have been downloaded, go back to your Integration environment and click Next to continue to the Configuration tab:

Select a proper name and description for your Runtime and click Next. In the Connect tab click the Start Pairing button to generate the pairing code needed to launch your container in Docker and pair it with the integration in the cloud.

Copy the command and run it in the terminal.

When it’s done, your Edge Runtime should be successfully registered.

Navigate again to the Integration Runtimes tab in your Integration environment and find your Runtime in the list or use the search option. After a couple of seconds, you should see that your Runtime is both running and enabled.

You can now click into it and view the current state of the runtime, projects that have been deployed, the server logs, etc.

What’s next

Now you know how quickly you can register a new Integration runtime. Next, learn how to create and manage Integration Projects from this how-to:

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