Regarding publishable documents

Hi all,

I am working on 6.5 ,in my project we are using 2 integration servers and one broker .my assumption is to create one publishable document in 1st IS and send it to broker after that second IS will subscribe that documnet.

i created XXX Doc in 1st IS ,i know how to publish that doc to broker,could you please tell me how can i get that document in 2nd IS .do i need to create same XXX documnet on 2nd IS or any other way to get the 1st IS publishbale documnet.
i am using trigger in 2nd IS ,but which documnet do need to set in the trigger .

Thanks in advance,

In the 2nd IS, you can pull the same document from broker. (go to all choices from navigation panel, and then select IS document → select broker document type option and then your have to select broker document(which you made publishable from Ist IS)

and then you have to subscribe this document in your 2nd IS trigger.

As always, the best way to start is to read the wM-supplied documentation. The Pub/Sub guide will help.

Hopefully you’re using two IS instances and a Broker for reasons more than just “because we can.”

Thank you very much…