Regarding default error handler


Is it possible to redirect to error page (page which is in different portlet application project ) when exception occurs using default error handler control. I am able to redirect to error page if its in same portlet application project but if the error page is in some other portlet application project receiving below error: I have tried by giving alias/uri and as well as portlet/page.view

"[POP.001.0002] A “javax.portlet.PortletException” occurred with the Message “[POP.016.0006] View source is not found”

Please let me know if any one implemented redirecting the error from the source view to error page which is in different portlet application project.

Thanks in advance


No error handler can only redirect to a view from the same application project. You can create your own implementation of the error handler and override handleError() method to redirect to a completely custom page in MWS using following code, assuming that this page has an alias


Please note though that this code would only work when web service/db connector which produce an error are invoked from an explicit action. Sometimes for example web service connector can be invoked during render request with autorefresh=true. In the latter case it won’t let you to redirect using this code.