Regarding Certificates configuration in webMethods 8.2 version

Currently we are in migrating the servers and code from webMethods 6.5 to webMethods 8.2 version.

Here we are facing the issues on certificates configuration.

In 6.5 servers, we configure the client certificates in security --> certificates --> configure client certificates. here configured the client certificates.

(client certificate like, and configured in the client certificates)

in outbound SSL certificates, configures certificates like, Servers Signed Certificate, Signing CA’s certificate, and Servers Private Key.
(Servers Signed Certificate --> server.der, Signing CA’s certificate --> interserver.der, Servers Private Key–> privatekey.der)

and requests are coming through RI servers and DMZ zones.

Which was implemented long back.

In the webMethods 8.2. servers, the certificates option are changed. while configuring the certificates for client, the option is like, security --> certificates --> configure client certificates.
(, configured in the client certificate).

here the some option is newly added like, usage.

but here doubt is, which option we need to select for configure the client certificate?, in wM 6.5 this option is not there. Some one could you please help like, in 6.5 server, how the IS server use the client certificate? (is it using like, SSL authentication (or) verify (or) encryption (or) decryption (or) message authentication). because, the integrations configuration implemented long back?, how to configure this option in migrated server?
In wM8.2 server, which option to select for the above certificate?

The certificates for outbound SSL certificates option is not there. But in webMethods 8.2. version, how to we configure the Servers Signed Certificate, Signing CA’s certificate, and Servers Private Key?

(how to configure the above certificates like server.der, interserver.der, privatekey.der in webMethods8.2 servers)

in the webMethods 8.2 server under the certificate option like, SSL Key, Signing Key, Decryption Key, Truststore. Could you let us how to we use these options.

Some option is like, keystore, Please tell us, how to we use this?

I read the webMethods Administrator Guide, but to usage of these options are not understanding while compare to webMethods6.5 version.

Could you please help me to sort it out the issue?,

Thanks in Advance!

Please check these articles to access configure keystore and alias in 822 via UI tools:

If you want to replace keytool with a GUI tool then you can also use CERTivity.


Thanks for replying RMG.

We configured the keystore in webMethods Administrator --> Security --> keystore. we created keystore alias and showing green tick for loaded option.

while click the keystore, the configured key alias is showing only private key. But how to configure the Server’s Signed Certificat and Signing CA’s certificates. is the keystore alias is enough for wM8.2 version?

Please suggest me on this.

I believe you also need to give Security > Certificates > Edit and assign the keystore alias and restart IS for testing.


Hi Sri / RMG,

Can you please post a link to the thread in this site, wmusers link is broken now. We have a similar issue. Thanks