Reg : Usage of '' service

We are using the ‘’ service in our project implemenation when connecting to the Target server, where we are client and the target system is the Server.

We are actually in process of renewing the client certificates as they are going to expire soon.

When we see the input parameters of this service, It has two inputs 1. PrivateKeyFile 2. Stringlist certFiles. I really don’t understand what we should
pass for ‘PrivateKeyFile’ field in the service.
We are passing the new CA & Client certificate for ‘certFiles’ input parameter, which are povided by the target sever people.
Obviously they will NOT share their privatekey, so what is that value we should pass for the 'PrivateKeyFile’input parameter.


Hope you are using earlier version of webMethods and not 8.2. In 8.2, this is deprecated. Also this service is used to set your server private key and public certificate files for securing your message (signing and or encrypting) while sending to partner.

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