Reg:JDBC Adapters connections in java Service

Hello Experts,

After Migration from wM8.2 to 9.8 then wM912 showing error.

Can anyone please suggest on this.


Hi Ramanjaneyulu,

was JDBC Adapter updated a long this migration?

Latest matching versions are 6.5 for wM8.2, 9.0 for wM 9.8 and 9.10 for wM 9.10+.

See JDBC-Adapter-Users-Guide for informations about migrating JDBC Adapter related services.

When developing remotely with Designer you can ignore this error as the Designer locally is not aware of the classes located on remote server as long as you are not using local service development.

Additionally, can you please explain your use case as I did not have the need until now to use the Java-API of JDBC Adapter?


Hi Ramanjaneyulu,

After migration are you getting this error for one particular AS or any JDBC service template in the custom package?

I would also suggest raise an SAG ticket in the mean time for more troubleshooting as it can be sorted out related to your IS/Adapter upgrade.


Hi Ramanjaneyulu,

remember to migrate the adapter services based on AdapterServiceTemplates provided by Adapter when migrating from JDBC-Adapter 6.5 to JDBC-Adapter 9.x.
See JDBC Adapter Users Guide for further informations.