Refresh the Search ResultPotlet


How to refresh the searchResult Portlet from SearchBarPortlet without refreshing the whole page .

in my case, i am putting two portlets in single page by editing the page settings and also setting “AsyncGo” property value as “FALSE” in the searchBar.

But if i click on “GO” it is refreshing the whole page instead of refreshing the searchResultPortlet.

Please share,If anybody have better ideas :idea: to achive the above scenario.


I have a periodic refresh adding an “Async Command Interval Control”. In the “Action” property point to a method and in the method do


That refresh the result table without refreshing the page

Hi emburin,

where i have to put the control “Async Command Interval Control”.

if i put the control in search bar then how can i execute the refresh () of the searchesult provider .

if i put the Control in search result it will executes the method for every periodic refresh

but i really don’t want to refresh it periodically, refresh the view/control based on the event fired from SearchBar Page.

Why do you want to do that? What I did is put searchprovider.refresh in the overridden beforeRenderResponse method in the search result portlet.