Reference process not getting invoked in Wm7

Hi ,

I getting the problem that reference process is not getting invoked from main process whenever i am using filter condition in the start step.

I am using webmethod 7 sp2 without any fix pack.

can somebody help me out in this ?


There is a known issue with 7.0 SP2 for the scenario you are describing (invoking a referenced subprocess with a filter).

Hi mike,

thanks for reply

I turned off Optimize Referenced Process Execution field on the WmPRT and reloaded the package also. But referenced process is not getting invoked. I restarted the IS and MWS but problem continues. Same process starts working when i removed filter condition in referenced process.

Is there any way by which we can use referenced process with filter condition?

Also, Another doubt i am having is that everytime i am uploading process it is creating new entry in the database. When i am querying using getProcessList service in WmMonitor package, i am getting multiple instance of process. Is it normal behaviour?

I would have thought that turning off the Optimized field would do the trick.

I tried this thing also but not working. I think WM7 behaviour for referenced process is different from previous releases as same models are working perfectly in 6.5.

Is there any other way of doing this or i need to wait till this issue is resolved by webMethod ?